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Basic Information

Enzyme Number

Official Name

glutathione transferase

Name from literature

glutathione s transferase

Pathway from literature

arsenic biotransformation

Pathway from KEGG

Metabolism of Other Amino Acids; Glutathione metabolism; map00480

Xenobiotics Biodegradation and Metabolism; Metabolism of xenobiotics by cytochrome P450; map00980

Xenobiotics Biodegradation and Metabolism; Drug metabolism - cytochrome P450; map00982


Mouse (10090)

Genome localization

1 A4|1 15.0 cM[14859 ], 1 H2[66447 ], 3 F2.3[14863 ], 10 B5-C1|10 40.7 cM[14871 ], 19 A|19 0.0 cM[14870 ], 6 G1[56615 ], 6 B2.1[76263 ], 19 A|19 0.0 cM[14869 ], 9 E1|9 43.0 cM[14857 ], 3 F2.3[14862 ], 3 F2.3[14867 ], 3 F2.3[68312 ], -[14864 ], 12 E[14874 ], 10 B5-C1|10 40.9 cM[14872 ], 19 D1[14873 ], 19 D2[68214 ], 3 F2.3[14865 ], 9 E1[14860 ], 9 E1|9 44.0 cM[14858 ], 3 F2.3[14866 ],


A group of enzymes of broad specificity. R may be an aliphatic, aromatic or heterocyclic group; X may be a sulfate, nitrile or halide group. Also catalyses the addition of aliphatic epoxides and arene oxides to glutathione, the reduction of polyol nitrate by glutathione to polyol and nitrile, certain isomerization reactions and disulfide interchange.

Rate-limiting Description

"GSTO1, a member of the glutathione S-transferase superfamily omega, has recently been shown to be identical to the rate-limiting enzyme, monomethyl arsenous (MMA(V)) reductase which catalyzes methylarsonate (MMA(V)) to methylarsenous acid (MMA(III)) during arsenic biotransformation." (15761769)

Regulatory Information

Upstream transcription factor


Regulatory type


















transcriptional level;"TNFalpha(21926),IL-6(16193),survival factor EGF(13645)"

"in regenerating hepatocytes, several GST isoforms are induced and that cytokines TNFalpha and IL-6 and survival factor EGF positively regulate mGSTA4 via survival signaling pathways." (11884396)

transcriptional factor;Myb(17863)

"the gene (GSTM1) encoding the detoxification enzyme glutathione S-transferase M1 is transcriptionally upregulated by Myb" (14576818)

transcriptional factor;Myb(17863)

"We overexpressed Hoxa9 and Meis1 in primary hematopoietic cells. Arrays identified c-Myb and a c-Myb target (Gstm1) among the genes with the strongest response to Hoxa9/Meis1." (16507773)

transcriptional factor;"C/EBPalpha(12606),PPARgamma(19016)"

"glutathione S-transferase zeta/maleylacetoacetate isomerase is induced by C/EBPalpha and dependent on PPAR gamma" (16376852)

Gene ontology

Gene ontology

GO:0004602 (F) glutathione peroxidase activity [Q9DCM2 ];
GO:0006559 (P) L-phenylalanine catabolic process [Q9WVL0 ];
GO:0006572 (P) tyrosine catabolic process [Q9WVL0 ];
GO:0005737 (C) cytoplasm [Q61133, P30115, Q80W21, O09131, P24472, Q8K2Q2, Q64471, O35660, Q9D4P7, P10649, P19639, P48774, P15626 ];
GO:0016021 (C) integral to membrane [Q9CPU4 ];
GO:0005515 (F) protein binding [P15626 ];
GO:0005743 (C) mitochondrial inner membrane [Q91VS7, Q9DCM2 ];
GO:0015035 (F) protein disulfide oxidoreductase activity [Q9DCM2 ];
GO:0008152 (P) metabolic process [P30115, Q80W21, Q7M0F4, Q6P8Q1, Q8K0V9, P48774, P10649, P15626, Q544Y6, P13745, Q6P8Q0, Q9DCU1, P24472, Q8K2Q2, O35660, P19639, Q8R5I6, A2RTN4, P10648 ];
GO:0005783 (C) endoplasmic reticulum [Q91VS7 ];
GO:0004364 (F) glutathione transferase activity [P30115, Q80W21, Q7M0F3, P48774, P15626, P19157, Q544Y6, Q6P8Q0, P46425, Q91VS7, Q9DCM2, Q7M059, P24472, Q7M0B8, P19639, Q8R5I6, A2RTN4, Q9CPU4, P10648, Q6P8Q1, Q7M0F4, Q64471, Q8K0V9, P10649, Q61133, P13745, O09131, Q9WVL0, Q9DCU1, O35660, Q7M0B9, Q8K2Q2, Q9D4P7 ];
GO:0005739 (C) mitochondrion [Q9WVL0 ];
GO:0005789 (C) endoplasmic reticulum membrane [Q9CPU4 ];
GO:0006749 (P) glutathione metabolic process [Q64471, P46425, Q91VS7, Q9DCM2, P19157 ];
GO:0005634 (C) nucleus [Q64471, Q61133 ];
GO:0005792 (C) microsome [Q91VS7, Q9CPU4 ];
GO:0016034 (F) maleylacetoacetate isomerase activity [Q9WVL0 ];
GO:0005741 (C) mitochondrial outer membrane [Q91VS7 ];
GO:0030288 (C) outer membrane-bounded periplasmic space [Q9DCM2 ];

Subcellular localization


mitochondrion [Q91VS7, Q9DCM2 ];

endoplasmic reticulum [Q91VS7, Q9CPU4 ];

nucleus [Q64471, Q61133 ];

microsome [Q91VS7, Q9CPU4 ];

membrane [Q91VS7 ];

cytoplasm [Q61133, P30115, Q80W21, O09131, Q9WVL0, P24472, Q64471, O35660, Q9D4P7, P10649, P19639, P48774, P15626 ];



A2RTN4; O09131; O35660; P10648; P10649; P13745; P15626; P19157; P19639; P24472; P30115; P46425; P48774; Q544Y6; Q61133; Q64471; Q6P8Q0; Q6P8Q1; Q7M059; Q7M0B8; Q7M0B9; Q7M0F3; Q7M0F4; Q80W21; Q8K0V9; Q8K2Q2; Q8R5I6; Q91VS7; Q9CPU4; Q9D4P7; Q9DCM2; Q9DCU1; Q9WVL0

Entrez Gene

14857; 14858; 14859; 14860; 14862; 14863; 14864; 14865; 14866; 14867; 14869; 14870; 14871; 14872; 14873; 14874; 56615; 66447; 68214; 68312; 76263

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