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Basic Information

Enzyme Number

Official Name

squalene monooxygenase

Name from literature

squalene epoxidase

Pathway from literature

sterol biosynthesis/cholesterol biogenesis

Pathway from KEGG

Biosynthesis of Secondary Metabolites; Terpenoid biosynthesis; map00900

Lipid Metabolism; Biosynthesis of steroids; map00100


Rat (10116)

Genome localization

7q33[29230 ],


A flavoprotein (FAD). This enzyme, together with EC lanosterol synthase, was formerly known as squalene oxidocyclase.

Rate-limiting Description

"Ellagitannins isolated from various plant sources as well as newly synthesized n-alkyl (C(1)-C(18)) esters of hexahydroxydiphenyl (HHDP) dicarboxylic acid were evaluated as enzyme inhibitors of recombinant rat squalene epoxidase, a rate-limiting enzyme of cholesterol biosynthesis." (11520216)

"n-Alkyl esters (ethyl, octyl, dodecyl, and cetyl) of gallic acid were evaluated as enzyme inhibitors of recombinant rat squalene epoxidase (SE), a rate-limiting enzyme of cholesterol biogenesis." (10733917)

"It was demonstrated for the first time that the cholesterol-lowering effect of rhubarb may be attributed to the potent inhibition activities of SE, a rate-limiting enzyme of cholesterol biogenesis.." (11199136)

Gene ontology

Gene ontology

GO:0050660 (F) FAD binding [P52020 ];
GO:0046246 (P) terpene biosynthetic process [P52020 ];
GO:0016021 (C) integral to membrane [P52020 ];
GO:0005792 (C) microsome [P52020 ];
GO:0004506 (F) squalene monooxygenase activity [P52020 ];
GO:0055114 (P) oxidation reduction [P52020 ];
GO:0005789 (C) endoplasmic reticulum membrane [P52020 ];

Subcellular localization


endoplasmic reticulum [P52020 ];

microsome [P52020 ];




Entrez Gene


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