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Basic Information

Enzyme Number

Official Name

sulfinoalanine decarboxylase

Name from literature

cysteine sulfinate decarboxylase

Pathway from literature

the biosynthesis of taurine

Pathway from KEGG

Metabolism of Other Amino Acids; Taurine and hypotaurine metabolism; map00430


Rat (10116)

Genome localization

7q36[60356 ],


A pyridoxal-phosphate protein. Also acts on L-cysteate. The 1992 edition of the Enzyme List erroneously gave the name sulfoalanine decarboxylase to this enzyme.

Rate-limiting Description

"In the present study, gene expression of rate-limiting enzyme for taurine biosynthesis, cysteine sulfinate decarboxylase (CSD) were examined in rat mammary gland." (10993179)

Gene ontology

Gene ontology

GO:0004782 (F) sulfinoalanine decarboxylase activity [Q64611, Q9QYW2, P70713 ];
GO:0030170 (F) pyridoxal phosphate binding [Q64611 ];
GO:0019752 (P) carboxylic acid metabolic process [Q64611 ];
GO:0042412 (P) taurine biosynthetic process [Q9QYW2, P70713 ];



P70713; Q64611; Q9QYW2

Entrez Gene


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