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Basic Information

Enzyme Number

Official Name

uridine kinase

Name from literature

Uridine-cytidine nucleoside kinase

Pathway from literature

pyrimidine-nucleotide salvage pathway

Pathway from KEGG

Xenobiotics Biodegradation and Metabolism; Drug metabolism - other enzymes; map00983

Nucleotide Metabolism; Pyrimidine metabolism; map00240


Mouse (10090)

Genome localization

2 H4[68556 ], 2 B[22245 ], 1 H2.3[80914 ],


Cytidine can act as acceptor; GTP and ITP can act as donors.

Rate-limiting Description

"Uridine kinase is the rate-limiting enzyme in the salvage pathway for uridine or cytidine of mammalian cells." (9799561)

"Uridine kinase is the rate-limiting enzyme in the pyrimidine salvage pathway of all mammalian cells." (8951040)

Regulatory Information

Regulatory type




Gene ontology

Gene ontology

GO:0016773 (F) phosphotransferase activity, alcohol group ... [P52623, Q99PM9 ];
GO:0004849 (F) uridine kinase activity [Q64450, P52623, Q99PM9 ];
GO:0008152 (P) metabolic process [P52623, Q99PM9 ];
GO:0005524 (F) ATP binding [P52623, Q99PM9 ];



P52623; Q64450; Q99PM9

Entrez Gene

22245; 68556; 80914

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