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The Rate-Limiting Enzyme regulation database (RLEdb) was developed to serve as a central repository of metabolic rate-limiting enzymes as well as their regulatory information include their related transcriptional factors, reversible phosphorylation sites and inhibitors.

Our database allows you to:

  1. searching and browsing the curated rate-limiting enzymes by their pathways, subcelluar localizations, expressed tissues and genome localization

  2. browsing regulatory information of rate-limiting enzymes including their related transcription factors, phosphorylation regulatory site and inhibitors

  3. systematic comparing the rate-limiting enzyme profiles between different organisms

  4. overview of all rate-limiting enzymes from each KEGG maps in a color-marked style

  5. systematic study of metabolic pathways regulation from transcription factor, phosphorylation or inhibitor aspects

We will maintain and update RLRdb regularly as more data and information become available. When using this resource, please cite:

Min Zhao, Xin Chen, Ge Gao, Louis Tao, Liping Wei. RLEdb: a database of Rate-Limiting Enzymes and their regulation in Human, Rat, Mouse, Yeast and E. coli. Cell Research 19(6):793-795.

Min Zhao, Hong Qu. Human liver rate-limiting enzymes influence the metabolic flux via branch points and inhibitors. BMC genomics 10(Suppl 3):S31.

Summary of the relations between rate-limiting enzymes in different pathway groups and common metabolic transcription factors in human.

Number of rate-limiting enzymes in database:

147 (human), 105 (rat), 96 (mouse), 16 (yeast) and 15 (E. coli)

Number of transcription factors: 330

Transcription factors regulated rate-limiting enzymes: 200

Pairs of transcription factor and rate-limiting enzymes: 478

Phosphorylation regulated rate-limiting enzymes: 243

Number of curated references: 1474

Number of rate-limiting related references: 15688

Number of rate-limiting enzyme genes: 936

Number of rate-limiting enzyme proteins: 1299

Number of protein-protein interaction pairs: 1476

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Rate-limiting enzymes of Glycolysis in human

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