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Rate-limiting enzymes, often in a relatively lower velocity than other enzymes, are proposed to describe the essential enzymes for flux control in pathway (Th. B¨ącher 1963; Higgins 1965). It has been assumed that the enzymes with the lowest velocity are regulatory (Newsholme 1973).

Identification and classification of rate-limiting enzymes in Human are the first step towards understanding its role on metabolic flux and metabolic regulation. A comprehensive and well-annotated rate-limiting enzyme regulation database may provide a useful resource for biochemists and molecular biologists.

The Rate-Limiting Enzyme regulation database (RLEdb) was the first literature-based database dedicated to Rate-Limiting enzyme Regulation. It covered the five model organisms human, rat, mouse, yeast and E. coli including 383 rate-limiting enzymes as well as their regulation features (e.g. the transcriptional factors, reversible phosphorylation sites and inhibitors etc.) curated from 1474 literatures. using our database, it is easy to systematicly compare the rate-limiting enzyme profiles between different organisms. Our data are also useful to construct metabolic network from rate-limiting enzyme view. In addtion, our regulatory information are useful to study regulatory network of metabolic enzymes from rate-limiting enzyme view

It provides extensive annotations at both enzyme and gene level including Gene Ontology assignment, chromosome localization, tissue distribution, subcellular localization and disease etc. The database can be browsed and searched with a user-friendly web interface, and bulk downloads for enzymes and sequences are also provided. This resource will assist researchers to study metabolic flux, metabolic regulation and metabolic diseases from rate-limiting enzymes view.

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