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Data statistics

Number of rate-limiting enzymes in database:

147 (human), 105 (rat), 96 (mouse), 16 (yeast) and 15 (E. coli)

Number of transcription factors: 330

Transcription factors regulated rate-limiting enzymes: 200

Pairs of transcription factor and rate-limiting enzymes: 478

Phosphorylation regulated rate-limiting enzymes: 243

Number of curated references: 1474

Number of rate-limiting related references: 15688

Number of rate-limiting enzyme genes: 936

Number of rate-limiting enzyme proteins: 1299

Number of protein-protein interaction pairs: 1476

Many references are related with rate-limiting enzymes.We only extract rate-limiting enzyme related information from a subset of them. Some enzymes are related with more than ten thousands abstracts such as cyclooxygenases,tyrosine hydroxylase. The number of rate-limiting related references are refer to all the literatures focus on rate-limiting. You can search them from search page.

As shown in the right figure,a systematic regulatory propertises including transcription factos regulation, phosphorylation regulation and inhibitor regulatory network in human are investigated.

Detail for the right figures:

b) Pairwise of inhibitory relations among six pathway groups. For each cell, the ratio represents the inhibited enzymes in the column pathway group by rate-limiting enzymes from the row pathway group to the inhibited enzymes by all metabolic enzymes from the row pathway group. c) Regulatory information summary for rate-limiting enzymes in human. The fractions of TF-regulated and phosphorylation-regulated rate-limiting enzyme are shown in the first and second rows. The third row shows the ratio of rate-limiting enzymes participating in inhibitory networks that affect targets to all the metabolic enzymes. The fourth row shows the ratios between the total counts for all the enzymes inhibited by all the metabolic enzymes and the counts for all the enzymes inhibited by the rate-limiting enzymes. The fifth row shows the ratios of rate-limiting enzymes that are inhibitor targets to all the enzymes that are inhibitor targets for each pathway group.

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